How to make coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

Coconut chocolate cherry Cheesecake

Tool: 1 6 “movable bottom die

How to make coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

Cake base material: 25g butter, 20g sugar powder, 30g low powder

How to make coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

Cake material: 200g cream cheese, 35g fine sugar, 40g protein, 160g coconut juice, 20g coconut, 35g low gluten flour, 25 big cherries.

How to make coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

Chocolate dressing materials: 175 grams of bitter and sweet chocolate, 80 grams of milk, 20 grams of butter

How to make coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

White chocolate decorative line materials: 80 grams of white chocolate, 30 grams of milk

How to make coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

Baking: 180 degrees, upper and lower fire, middle layer, heat insulation water baking for 25 minutes.

Coconut chocolate Cherry Cheese Cake

1. Wash and dry the cherry, turn around the stem with toothpick, remove the core and set aside.

2。 Soften butter in cake base at room temperature, add sugar powder and mix well with rubber scraper.

3。 Add in the low flour and knead it into a ball by hand.

4。 Put it directly into the bottom of 6-inch movable bottom mold and compact it.

5。 Cream, cheese, sugar, stir in 60 degree hot water.

6。 Stir until there are no particles as shown in the figure.

7。 Add coconut milk and coconut, mix well.

8。 Sift in low sugar and mix well.

9。 Pour in the protein and mix well.

10。 In the mold, pour in 13% cheese paste, sprinkle with cherry, and then pour in the remaining 23% cheese paste.

11。 Cover the bottom of the mold with tin foil, pour 1 cup of hot water into the baking pan, put it into the oven that has been preheated 180 degrees, heat up and down, middle layer, and bake in water for 25 minutes.

12。 After baking, take out the mold and put it on the grill to cool.

13。 After cooling, use a knife to stick the edge of the mold and draw a circle to demould. Refrigerate the demoulded cake for 30 minutes.

14。 Cut the cake into a heart-shaped shape to form a center-shaped blank. Put the cut corners in a small dish and press them into a circle to form a small round cake blank.

15。 Put the chocolate sauce materials together in a small basin and melt them in hot water about 80 degrees apart.

16。 Put the heart-shaped cake on the cooling rack, put a basin under it, then pour the chocolate sauce on the top of the cake.

17。 Drizzle until the whole cake is evenly covered with sauce, as shown in the picture. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

18。 Place the cherry in the middle of the bag and put it in a small circle of hot water. Then put it into the middle of the bag and put it in a circle of 80 degrees. Refrigerate for another 20 minutes. Small round cake with heart-shaped practice!

hot tip

1。 The finished cake is thin and soft. After taking off the mold, do not remove the bottom. Put it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Take it out after the butter at the bottom of the cake solidifies. After decoration, gently use the cake knife to support the bottom of the mold.

2。 After drenching the black sauce, refrigerate for 15 minutes in the cold room, and then take out the white chocolate liquid. After squeezing, refrigerate for 20 minutes until the white sauce solidifies. White chocolate liquid is wet and soft, not refrigerated, easy to run.

3。 After drenching the black sauce, all the extra drenching sauce will flow into the basin below. You can put the drenching sauce into a small fresh-keeping bag and put it into the freezer for freezing. It can be kept for more than half a year. Next time, you can take it out and heat it back to liquid state to make drenching sauce again. You can also add some whipped cream as the sandwich of the cake roll. It won’t be wasted. The white chocolate liquid is the same. The rest can be used to make birthday cake sandwich. Just freeze it.

4。 It’s hard to wash the basin with chocolate. As long as you wash it with warm water, you can easily clean it!