How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

Coconut sweet ice skin moon cake

Raw materials: 80g water, 50g president’s salt-free butter, 20 g Taigu fine sugar, 60g of Baosheng ice cream powder, 60g corn starch, 40 g coconut milk, 60 g of pasteurized milk, proper amount of ice skin powder for hand powder, Yuzhi tea powder and red starter powder

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

Bread machine: baicui pe8002

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

The practice of coconut fragrant ice skin moon cake

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

1. sift the ice skin powder and corn starch into the bread drum.

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

2. put water into the pot, add sugar, cook until the sugar is completely melted in medium heat, turn off the fire, add the butter cut into small pieces, and melt the butter thoroughly with the remaining temperature.

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

3. turn on the medium fire again, add milk and coconut milk to boil (liquid temperature must be enough. If the temperature is low, it will feel very oil when kneading the surface later)

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

4. add the boiled liquid into the bread drum. Start dough kneading procedure, knead for 15 minutes. At the beginning, it was thin, very sticky, and the tendons were not sticky until 15 minutes.

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

5. at this time, the ice dough is divided into two parts, and the red koji powder and the tea powder are added to knead into two color dough.

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

6. wrap the dough well and put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours (it must be relaxed).

How to make coconut ice skin moon cake

7. use slack time to handle filling (I make red bean filling with red sugar one day in advance and make tea filling well, so that I will be much more generous the next day)

① . coconut red bean filling: homemade red sugar red bean filling 100, Taigu fine sugar 10, coconut pulp 10, President’s salt-free butter 10

Method: add coconut milk and sugar into the homemade red bean filling, use the machine to make mud, put it in the pot, add butter, fry it in a small fire until the shovel can be placed in the filling (do not dry, it can stand). After cool, divide into 18G for standby.

② Tea honey and bean filling (the square is from Momo, and the square is here. Here is my specific usage and materials)

Raw materials: 160g of pasteurized milk, 40g of president’s salt free butter, 100g of Taigu fine sugar (160g for the original), 160g of medium cooked powder, 80g of three Xiang glutinous rice flour, 10g Yuzhi tea powder, and a proper amount of Beijing and Japan honey and red beans


I. mix 10g of tea powder and 20g sugar evenly, add 50g milk and stir evenly (it is not easy to agglomerate).

II. Cook the remaining 110g milk until boiling, turn off the fire and add the remaining 80g sugar, stir until the sugar is completely melted, add the butter cut into small pieces and melt the butter with the remaining temperature, stir and cool evenly.

III. stir fry glutinous rice flour and flour over a small fire until it is slightly yellow and let it cool and sift for standby (it is necessary to screen, otherwise there will be lumps after stir fry).

IV. add the batter to the milk liquid for cool mixing (do not heat at high temperature, the tea will change color at high temperature), add the fried glutinous rice powder and medium powder and mix it with a scraper, and then knead into a dough.

V. the dough is divided into 17g, and 5-6 red bean granules are wrapped in the middle. The filling weight is about 18G

8. divide the loose ice skin into 20g.

9. dip the ice skin with a little ice skin powder, put it on the fresh-keeping film or plastic bag, cover it, and roll it into thin pieces around the middle and then around with a rolling stick.

10. put the prepared filling and wrap it (if you use the moon cake mold, push it into a cylinder by hand, so that it will not hang around when it is not put into the mold), dip a little ice powder on the top and put it into the mold (if it is a mooncake mold, fill with a little ice powder, pour it out and put it into the dough and press it out on the flat surface)

11. press flat and gently knock the side of the mold to get out. Refrigerate overnight and eat.

Food tips

1. I bought 400g ice skin powder, so I made twice as 2.5 times, once according to 3 times, and the remaining 70g ice skin powder just bought hand powder. Please adjust it according to their own situation

2. when cooking with a pot, it will remove some water from the liquid. If you choose to add boiling water to melt sugar directly or heat it in microwave oven, the dough will feel sticky and water content is a little bit more. It is suggested that it is still a method of cooking.

2. about dough color. I added about 1g of red koji powder to 370g of original dough. Add 1 teaspoon of tea powder to 600g of original dough. Please adjust the dosage according to your own situation.

3. the homemade red bean filling here is 100 red beans and 40 archaic red sugar (I only like the taste of this brand). Add water about 2cm higher than red bean in electric pressure cooker, press it with the position of boiled bean ribs, add red sugar and mix well to prevent cooling. If you are diligent, you can make the red bean filling in the way I made before. This will make the taste sand. Here is the practice

4. about the mold. I use a small mold for egg modeling, which is not stained and good for demoulding. A dough with a surface of about 38g is used. I divide the skin and filling in a ratio of 1:1. Please adjust according to your own mold.