How to make coconut roll delicious

Material Science

Ingredients: 500g flour, 60g baking powder, 75g yeast, appropriate amount of water, 500g egg, 250g butter, 100g milk, 500g sugar, a little vanilla powder, and appropriate amount of coconut oil.


1. Beat in the egg, melted butter, milk, sugar, etc. in the pot and steam. Take out, add vanilla powder and coconut oil, mix well, cool and make coconut stuffing.

2. Add baking powder, yeast and water into the flour to synthesize the dough starter, 25g each. a hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ Wake up at 0 ℃ for 15 minutes, steam in the drawer for 10 minutes, and then take out. In the middle, add coconut stuffing to serve.