How to make coconut roll

Coconut roll

Raw materials: 200g high flour, 40g fine sugar, 3G salt, 3G dry yeast, 20g egg, 110g milk and 20g butter.

How to make coconut roll

Fillings: 25g butter, 25g sugar, 25g whole egg, 50g coconut, 25g milk. Soften the butter at room temperature and beat evenly with an egg beater; add fine granulated sugar and stir evenly; add the whole egg in several times and stir evenly; add the coconut and mix well; add the milk and put it for a while to let the coconut absorb enough water.

How to make coconut roll

How to make coconut roll

1. After that, add butter and knead to the expansion stage for basic fermentation;

2. Exhaust round, relax for 15 minutes;

3. Flatten the dough, roll it into a rectangle, turn it over, press the bottom thin, spread coconut stuffing evenly, and roll it into a cylinder from top to bottom;

4. Divide the cutting section, put the paper mold with the incision upward, and finally ferment;

5. Brush the egg and preheat the oven 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

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