How to make cod tortillas with corn flour

Codfish patty with corn flour

Ingredients: 80g corn flour, 2 eggs, 100g silver cod, 50g onion, 50g carrot, 20g chive, 12tsp salt, 14tsp five spice powder, 18tsp black pepper

How to make cod tortillas with corn flour

The way of making cod cake with corn flour

1。 Chopped scallion, whiting cod, carrot, onion and set aside.

2。 Put corn flour, eggs, green onion, onion, COD, carrot, salt, pepper and thirteen spices in a pot and mix well.

3。 Stir into a thick paste, very thick. If the egg is big and the paste is thin, add some corn flour.

4。 Make small balls with your hands. It’s easy to round up and won’t scatter at all. The main reason is that cod is very sticky.

5。 Heat the oil in the pan, put in the pancakes, flatten them with a wooden spoon, and fry them over medium low heat.

6。 After one side turns yellow, turn over and fry the other side. Then turn the noodles twice until the surface is golden!