How to make cold cakes

Special food of Dragon Boat Festival -- cold cakes

Raw materials: 300 g glutinous rice, 300 g yellow rice, 20 pieces of fresh reed leaves, right amount of red date and raisins

How to make cold cakes

Sugar ingredients: 2 tablespoons of syrup, 1g dry osmanthus, a small amount of water

How to make cold cakes

The practice of cold cakes

How to make cold cakes

1. Clean glutinous rice and yellow rice, add enough water to soak for 12 hours.

How to make cold cakes

2. Cut the hard part of reed leaf root and clean it, dry clean red date and grape.

How to make cold cakes

3. Take a plate and spread the reed leaves on the plate (the length of the reed leaves is slightly longer than the plate)

How to make cold cakes

4. Take half of the glutinous rice on the reed leaf according to the size of the plate, and put red dates on the glutinous rice.

How to make cold cakes

5. Spread the other half of glutinous rice evenly, add clear water, the amount of water just does not exceed glutinous rice.

How to make cold cakes

6. Take another plate and spread the rice in the same way.

How to make cold cakes

7. Add water to the steamer and put the remaining reed leaves in water.

How to make cold cakes

8. Put the steamer into the curtain, put glutinous rice and yellow rice in two layers, steam for 45 minutes in medium heat.

How to make cold cakes

9. During rice steaming, add a small amount of water, syrup and dried osmanthus to the pot.

10. A small fire will syrup and water to fully blend, that is, sugar dilute.

11. Steamed glutinous rice.

12. Steamed rice.

13. Take a 9 inch pizza plate and brush with sugar, and put on raisins and dates.

14. Fold the rice pan upside down on your left hand, take the reed leaves and buckle it into the pizza plate.

15. Press flat with a rice shovel.

16. Put on raisins.

17. Buckle glutinous rice into the plate in the same way.

18. Press flat with rice shovel, put raisins on, and brush with sugar.

19. Spread the boiled reed leaves on the cold cakes.

20. Wrap with fresh film.

21. Put on the curtain or flat plate larger than the pizza plate, press on the stone mortar (or heavy object), and press it for about 3 hours to form.

22. Put the fresh-keeping film on the panel, brush the fresh-keeping film with sugar, take the pressed cold cake off the fresh-keeping film and reed leaf, and buckle it on the fresh-keeping film.

23. Lift one side of the pizza plate and separate the pastry from the pizza plate with a rice shovel.

24. Brush the surface of the ice cream with sugar, cut into the shape you like, and pour it in sugar or dip in white sugar.

Food tips

1. When steaming glutinous rice, it is necessary to pay attention to that it cannot be steamed dry. The dried glutinous rice is hard and has bad taste. The glutinous rice cooked with water is soft and does not form. The cold cakes made by this method are more muscular, soft and sticky than teeth.

2. Sugar can be prepared by adding white sugar and water. If you have rose sauce or osmanthus sauce at home, the taste is better. Add preserved fruit to your preference.

3. The good cold cakes must be pressed with heavy weights for a while, so the cakes made of this are not loose and more muscular.

4. When cutting the cold cakes, brush the knife with sugar, so it is not easy to stick the knife.