How to make colorful Lotus Root Cake

Ingredients: 120g lotus root, 50g carrot, 50g fresh mushroom, 20g corn kernel, 150g minced meat

Seasoning: 1 tbsp soy sauce (15ml), 1 tbsp cooking wine (5ml), 1 tbsp starch, 12 tbsp salt (3G), 15g ginger powder, a small amount of five spice powder, mustard oil

How to make colorful Lotus Root Cake

[colorful Lotus Root Cake] production process:

1. Peel the fresh lotus root and rub it into filaments with a wire eraser. Peel and wash the carrot and rub it into filaments. Remove the stalks of Lentinus edodes and wash them. Squeeze out the water and cut them into fine powder.

2. Put shredded lotus root, shredded carrot, Lentinus edodes, corn kernels and minced meat in a large bowl, add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch, five spice powder, ginger and 1 tbsp (15ml) mustard oil, mix well, and stir in one direction to make the minced meat strong.

3. Heat the pan, add a small amount of oil, take the right amount of lotus root cake meat in the palm of Tuancheng meatball, then press flat into meat cake, put it into the pan and fry it with medium and small heat.

4. Turn over and fry until golden yellow. Drain the oil with kitchen paper and pour on tomato sauce.