How to make cookies, sweetheart

Baking power: 210 ℃ for heating and 140 ℃ for heating

Baking time: 810 minutes

Quantity: 40 pieces (about 20 grams each)

Material Science

240 g whole egg, 40 g yolk, 200 g fine sugar, 4 g salt, 240 g low gluten flour, 5 g strawberry jam flavor and proper amount of sugar powder


1. Beat the whole egg and yolk together to make the egg liquid, then add the fine granulated sugar and salt to beat until it is milky.

2. Continue to add the sifted low gluten flour and strawberry jam, and stir evenly in method 1, that is, the flour is burnt.

3. After spreading the white newspaper on the baking pan, put the dough into the flower squeezing bag, use the round hole flat mouth flower mouth, then squeeze the dough into a heart shape, put it on the baking pan, sprinkle with powdered sugar, put it in the oven, and bake at 210 ℃ and 140 ℃ for 810 minutes.