How to make cool mung bean cake

Cool mung bean cake

Ingredients: 300 g mung bean powder, 30 g Sugar, 50 g oil, 3 G sesame oil, appropriate amount of maltose and mint milk

How to make cool mung bean cake

Practice of cool mung bean cake

How to make cool mung bean cake

1. Sift the finished mung bean powder

How to make cool mung bean cake

2. Prepare the ingredients, wash the mint, put it in the boiled milk and simmer for five minutes (forget to take a picture)

How to make cool mung bean cake

3. Add sugar to the sifted mung bean powder and mix well

4. Mix all the ingredients evenly, mint milk must be added a little, all at once will become mung bean paste! Make sure to mix well. This step takes a lot of time and effort. It requires a lot of patience. At the same time, you can taste the cake and add materials according to your personal preference

5. The successful state of cake powder: it can be kneaded into a ball, but it is also easy to spread

6. Knead the cake powder into small dosage, the mold weight is 50g, and the dosage is about 30g, which is the most suitable for the compaction and pro operation of the cake

7. Put the small dosage into the mold, and make sure to use the hand hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ You’re the best

8. Press the mould out of the cake powder and put it on the plate

9. Put it in the refrigerator for one night, and the finished product will be more beautiful the next day

Food tips

1. The finished product of this mung bean powder is very good. I look at the field processing drops. It’s really natural. I recommend you to have a try

2. Can’t add all the milk in the small bowl, otherwise it’s mung bean paste

3. My taste is a little light, please add sweet taste according to your personal preference

4. Cake powder small dosage on the mold must be compacted Oh, finished product is beautiful enough