How to make corn bacon cake

Corn bacon cake

Materials: A. 70 g of coarse corn flour, 70 g of medium gluten flour, 20 g of fine sugar, 3 g salt of baking powder and 2G of salt

How to make corn bacon cake

B. 1 egg, 125 ml cream, 25ml salad oil, 25 ml honey

How to make corn bacon cake

C. 20 g Corn, 50g Bacon

How to make corn bacon cake

The practice of corn bacon cake

1. sift flour and baking powder, and put all other a materials into container. Preheat the oven 185 degrees.

2. scatter the eggs in material B, mix with honey, oil and cream.

3. add liquid into powder in several times, add corn grain and bacon to mix evenly, and pour into cake mold.

4. put in the middle of the oven, fire up and down, bake for about 20 minutes until golden.

Food tips: if not non stick mold, need to brush a layer of salad oil on the mold to prevent sticking.