How to make corn cake delicious

Material Science

150g corn flour, 50g millet flour, 200g common flour, 20 dried dates, 20g raisins, 40g sugar, 5g dry yeast, 280ml water


1. Wash the dried jujube and soak it in warm water for one hour. Dry clean the grapes

2. Mix corn flour, millet flour with sugar and dry yeast

3. Pour in water to make a medium thick batter

4. Apply a thin layer of oil (anti staining) inside the mold and put some raisins on it

5. Pour the batter into the mould half high and ferment in a warm place for about 40 minutes

6. Wait until the batter reaches 90% of the mold

7. Put some dates and raisins on the surface and steam for 35-40 minutes


1. The amount of water is for reference only, and the paste should be thin and thick. Use cool water in summer and warm water below 40 ℃ in other seasons

2. Millet flour can not put, can also be replaced by the same amount of corn flour or ordinary flour

3. The total amount of coarse cereals should not exceed flour, with a ratio of 1:1 at most, otherwise the fermentation will be affected and the taste will be rough

4. If you don’t use the mold, it’s best to steam in the steamer. Put the drawer cloth in the steamer in advance, pour in the batter, and steam directly after fermentation

5. After mixing, the batter should be put into the steaming container for fermentation, and the container should not be changed after fermentation

6. The steaming time should be adjusted according to the size of the container, and the cover should not be opened during steaming