How to make corn flour and egg pancakes

Materials: egg 1, corn flour 200g, corn grain 80g, fine sugar 25g, water 80g (35 degrees or so), fermentation powder 5g

The production process of corn flour egg cake:

How to make corn flour and egg pancakes

1. Put corn grains in cold water, drop two drops of edible oil, cook, and rinse with water for standby.

2. Beat the eggs, stir the fermented powder in 35 degrees water and leave for a few minutes. Pour the sugar into the corn flour, stir well, then slowly pour the scattered eggs into the corn flour, stir with chopsticks, then slowly pour the yeast containing water into the corn flour, knead the flour into dough, and let the warm place wake up for half an hour.

3. Use chopped corn for cold.

4. Add corn grains to the freshened dough and divide them into nine portions evenly. Wake up again for ten minutes.

5. Take a dough and press it into a cake by hand, put it in the electric pancake bell after heating, fry it.

Food tips:

1. Corn can not be put, I just have a little bit of it at home. Because corn grains have sweet taste, they can increase the sweetness of the cake.

2. I have fewer eggs, because the children have already eaten them in the morning, so I only put one egg. It can also reduce water and increase the egg volume, so that the cake will be more crisp.

3. The fried pancake tastes better when it’s hot. If it is cooled, you can use electric pancake to heat it.

4. Corn flour is best sifted down to avoid corn husk in the corn flour.