How to make Cranberry Yam Cake

Cranberry Yam Cake

Ingredients: American cranberry, yam, sugar, corn flour, Chengfen each spoonful

How to make Cranberry Yam Cake

Ingredients: olive oil Xiaoxu

How to make Cranberry Yam Cake

Practice of cranberry Yam Cake

1. American Cranberry need not be treated, yam cut into small pieces

2. Steam the yams in a pot until soft

3. Add sugar and mash yam with a spoon

4. Add American cranberry and mix well

5. Add corn flour and clarified flour and mix well

6. Put the cranberry yam cake into the steamer and steam for 7 minutes

7. Let Cranberry yam cake materials cool

8. Take a mold to make ice skin moon cake, spread olive oil in it, fill in the right amount of yam cake material, press firm

9. Demould the cranberry yam cake and refrigerate for about 1 hour

10. Take out the frozen Cranberry yam cake and eat it

Food tips: if Cranberry yam cake is used as food therapy food for diabetics, sugar can not be put or put less.