How to make cream cookies

Material Science

Butter 600g, sugar 300g, egg 180g (three and a half), low powder 450g, high powder 450g (Cocoa Powder 50g), (cocoa powder is made for chocolate cookies, cream cookies do not add), this is the amount of 80 pieces. Each squeeze weighs about 20 grams.


1。 First, beat the butter and sugar together for about 20 minutes until it turns white (make sure you have special hair, or the cookies won’t be crisp).

2。 Beat the eggs into the butter and stir well.

3。 Add high and low powder and stir evenly.

4。 Put it into the squeeze bag and squeeze the flower shape you want. Fire 180, fire 170, about 15 minutes, pour the furnace, another 5 minutes.


If there is no high, low powder, we usually do with the flour can also be!

Each oven is not the same. Just pay attention to it when baking. Just a little bit of color on the surface is OK. It’s OK when it’s cooked!!!!