How to make cream Cupcake

Materials: (6)

Sponge cake material: egg 2 low gluten flour 60g sugar 30g

How to make cream Cupcake

Italian cream and sugar raw material: salt free butter 83g fine sugar 30g water 10g protein 1 trowel powder

How to make cream Cupcake

The process of making cream cup cake:

How to make cream Cupcake

1. put eggs in a bowl for standby;

How to make cream Cupcake

2. add fine sugar;

How to make cream Cupcake

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How to make cream Cupcake

4. sift the low gluten flour into step (3), and mix evenly;

How to make cream Cupcake

5. pour the batter into the mold, preheat the oven and fire it up and down 175 degrees;

6. put the cake in the middle of the oven, and bake it on the top and down for 13-15 minutes;

7. the cake is covered with a full canopy, and inserted with toothpicks. The paste without sticking is cooked, and then it is taken out and put in a cool place for standby;

8. the salt free butter softens into toothpaste, and it can be sent to a very delicate state with an electric egg beater;

9. add 15g sugar in egg white three times, stir until wet foaming;

10. add 15g of fine sugar into the pot, cook to 120 degrees, then pour it into step (9), continue to pass until the basin becomes cool;

11. pour the butter into step (10) and stir evenly;

12. until the butter and egg white are fully blended, it is fine enough;

13. the cake can be decorated after it is cool;

14. squeeze the cream cream onto the cake with the flower mounting nozzle you want. Finally decorate the fruit. Add appropriate amount of tea powder to the remaining half of the cream cream, and stir evenly. Then squeeze it on the cake.

Food tips:

1. the butter is better choice, the flavor is lighter, I use the president’s

2. after the protein is sent to wet foaming, pour in the syrup, and stir it at high speed until the basin becomes cool

3. after the butter is sent, add it to the egg white. At the beginning, the butter will become grainy. Don’t worry. Continue to pass. The more butter is beaten, it will blend well with the egg white

4. if you like a variety of flavors, you can add vanilla essence, almond essence, chocolate powder and tea powder when making. All of these are as you like

5. sponge cake can be selected for cake body and Qifeng cake can be selected

6. the cake that can not be eaten is refrigerated and kept in the refrigerator. It is recommended to finish the cake in two days. It is better to eat it now and make it now, so that the taste is better.