How to make crispy egg

Crispy egg

Medium: 280g high flour, 20g sugar, 120g egg, 70g milk, 4.5g yeast

How to make crispy egg

Main dough: high flour 80g, low flour 70g, fine sugar 100g, salt 6G, condensed milk 15g, milk 50g, butter 150g

How to make crispy egg

Pastry: 45g butter, 50g sugar powder, 40g whole egg, 60g low powder

How to make crispy egg

Baking: heat up and down 180 degrees for 30 minutes

How to make crispy egg

1. Mix the two kinds of materials evenly to 2 times the size (I choose to ferment for 24 hours in cold storage)

2. Good Chinese seed

3. Tear up the medium seed, mix all the ingredients of the main dough except butter until smooth, add softened butter, stir at low speed until absorbed, turn to high speed until expansion stage (large amount of butter, need enough patience), cover with plastic film and ferment to twice the size

4. To make pastry: soften butter and add sugar powder

5. Add the whole egg liquid in 4 times, stir each time until it is completely absorbed, and then add the next time

6. Sift in low flour, mix well and put it into the decoration bag

7. After the basic fermentation, take out the exhaust gas and divide the dough into equal portions of any amount, round and relax for 15 minutes, then round again and put it into the baking pan for final fermentation

8. Finally, ferment for about 40 minutes, squeeze the pastry on the top of the bread in 12 circles, and bake in the preheated oven

Food tips

1. There will be some folds on the surface of the bread. If there is a round bread holder, the standard bread will expand around, and the surface will be fuller and more orderly.

2. The middle type includes that the main dough should be slightly dry before adding butter, because the amount of butter in the later stage is large. If the dough in front is just good, the butter will be slightly wet and sticky after being completely absorbed

3. The skin of baked bread is very crisp. It needs to be stored for a longer time after it is completely cooled. It must be frozen. Before eating, take it out and bake it at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes. The skin will be crisp again. It’s very enjoyable. It’s not a crime to ignore its high butter content for the time being!