How to make crispy hand grasping cake

Crispy hand grasping cake: (4 pieces of ordinary pan)

Ingredients: 600g common flour, 260g hot water, 110g cold water and 5g sugar

How to make crispy hand grasping cake

Filling materials: vegetable oil (or lard) appropriate amount, salt, five spice powder, onion each amount.

How to make crispy hand grasping cake

How to make crispy hand held cakes

How to make crispy hand grasping cake

1. Put the flour into the basin, add boiling water and stir with chopsticks to make flocculent. Add cold water and mix well. Knead into a smooth dough. Cover with plastic film and relax for about half an hour.

2。 Divide the dough into 4 parts, cover with plastic film and relax for 10 minutes.

3。 Apply thin flour on the chopping board and roll the dough into large pieces (the thinner the better).

4。 Coat the dough with oil and sprinkle with five spice powder, salt and scallion.

5。 Fold the dough in half, and then cut it into strips with a knife as shown in the picture.

6。 Then spread out the folded dough.

7。 Roll up from one side along the knife mark.

8。 Roll it into a strip, then roll it from one side of the strip to the other side (as shown in the picture)

9。 Make a roll.

10。 Roll the roll into a circle, suitable for the size of the pan.

11。 After the pan is oiled and heated, put it into the cake and bake it over low heat.

12。 After turning over, hold a wooden spoon in one hand and squeeze the cake toward the middle with chopsticks in the other hand. After squeezing, the place will become loose, and you can see a lot of layers. Try to squeeze the places that are not loose, so that the cake is not only easier to ripen, but also better to layer. Turn the noodles twice more, and the two sides will be golden! Remember to add some oil in the process.

Little wordy:

1。 The sugar in the dough can also be left out.

2。 A good dough should be very soft, as soft as the earlobe, or even softer.

3。 In the rolling process, if you feel that it is not easy to roll, you can relax for a while and then roll. In addition, you can apply some thin powder on the chopping board. The thinner the roll, the crisper the cake.

4。 In the process of soldering, it’s not easy to turn over, which is normal. If you want the cake to be more crisp, you have to keep squeezing the dough as shown in Figure 12. It doesn’t matter if it’s rotten. It’s just a little ugly and doesn’t affect the taste.