How to make crispy pancakes

Crispy pancakes

Materials (10 patties can be made)

How to make crispy pancakes

Ingredients: 250g flour, 65-70g vegetable oil, 100g water, 20g sugar.

How to make crispy pancakes

Pastry materials: 180 grams of flour, 90 grams of vegetable oil.

How to make crispy pancakes

Fillings: half a quantity of onion, 1 quantity of green pepper, 260 grams of meat, 5 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of edible oil, 8 grams of starch, a little salt, 10 grams of soy sauce, 10 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of beef powder.

How to make crispy pancakes

How to make pancakes with pastry

How to make crispy pancakes

1. Mix the oil and water ingredients together to make a smooth dough. Let it stand for half an hour.

How to make crispy pancakes

2. Stir the pastry together, and then rub it with the palm of your hand to make it moist. (for more specific methods of making water oil noodles and pastry noodles, the blog link is here)

How to make crispy pancakes

3. Divide the two kinds of dough into 10 equal parts. Wrap the pastry in the water oil dough with the mouth of the hand, and hold the seal.

4. With the seal facing down, cover the dough with plastic film and put it on the chopping board for 20 minutes.

5. Take a dough and press it into a rectangle. Roll up along the wide side to form a cylinder.

6. Flatten the cylinder into a rectangle.

7. Roll up again, cover with plastic film and let stand for 20 minutes. While waiting, handle the meat stuffing, add fragrant oil and cooking oil, stir well, and then add other ingredients to mix well.

8. Take a dough and press the opening on both sides to the center to form a round skin.

9. Add stuffing to the dough, wrap it in the mouth of your hand, and finally squeeze it tightly.

10. Put it on the cutting board with the opening facing down, cover it with plastic film and let it stand for 15 minutes.

11. Heat the pan, turn the heat down, put in the green meat cake, and cook it slowly.

12. One side is golden and the other side is turned off. The crunchy meat cake is fresh out of the pot!

Food tips:

1. When making dough, cover the dough with fresh-keeping film and let it stand for a while at the place where the dough is pressed by hand or rolled by rolling pin. Only in this way can the crust be crisp.

2. If you are worried that the temperature of the pancakes is difficult to master, and the pancakes will be pasted when the fire is high, and not ripe when the fire is low, you can also use the oven to heat the Pancakes: put the pancakes into the oven preheated to 190 degrees, and bake for 25-28 minutes.

When I was young, I used to make pastry with sugar. The surface of the baked pastry will greatly bulge a drum, which is wrapped with hot mouth sugar. You may as well try it!

How to make crispy pancakes

[dough material:]

Medium gluten flour: 400g water: 220g yeast: 4G

How to make crispy pancakes

Material: Pastry

How to make crispy pancakes

Medium gluten flour: 200g vegetable oil: 100g


Onion powder, salt, sesame oil and spiced powder are optional

[surface decoration:]

Maltose water (diluted with maltose water), white sesame

Baking: in the middle of the oven, heat 200 ℃ for 20 minutes until the surface is golden

The production process of crispy pancake is as follows

1: Knead the dough and let stand for 15 minutes

2: Mix the pastry materials evenly

3: Maltose is diluted with a little water for standby

4: Cut shallots and sesame seeds into flat plates

5: Take out the loose dough and wrap it in the pastry

6: Tighten and relax at the closing position for 10 minutes

7: Take the loose dough and roll it into a rectangle. It’s better to let go of the flour. Fold it left and right in the middle once

8: The folded dough is rolled into a rectangle again, and then folded three times

9: Then roll it into a square large piece, put sesame oil and evenly spread salt, five spice powder and green onion

10: Fold the dough one more time and divide it into equal parts

11: Take one of them and roll it thin. Brush it with honey water and dip it with white sesame

12: Place in a baking tray: let stand for 15 minutes and put in a preheated oven