How to make curry chicken bacon pizza

Comprehensive Internet pizza practices, recommend novice in, cooking method the most detailed description

Material Science

9 “Pizza Pan square, 200g high gluten flour, 80g of masurila cheese (other cheese is not recommended to replace, it will affect finished wire drawing), 1 spoon dry yeast (added according to yeast instructions, generally 1-1.2), warm water 120ml (do not increase or decrease randomly, it will affect the ratio to flour), sugar 23 tablespoons, salt 13 spoons, olive oil 14g (or 20g butter can be used), black Hu Hu Pepper 13 spoons, pizza a small amount (no can be left, but not recommended to omit), green red pepper, onion, Hormel bacon, tuna (canned products), corn (canned products), what you like to add. If raw material needs to be cooked like a stir fried sauce in advance. I fried the chicken in this pizza with a hundred dream curry.


1. Dissolve in warm water in dry yeast, place for 10 minutes, stir evenly, mix with flour, sugar and salt to form dough, and then rub olive oil into dough.

2. Add butter to knead the dough, cover the fresh-keeping film, and leave aside for fermentation. Room temperature is 30 minutes – 60 minutes.

One of the pizza juice practices:

1. The materials of saucer: 13 onions, 15g generation of butter; 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 4 tablespoons of water; 23 tablespoons of sugar; 16 tbsp salt; 13 spoons of black pepper; 23 spoons of pizza grass

2. Chop the onion (it is better to chop it), heat the frying pan, put in olive oil (butter), put the chopped onion in, stir fry the fragrant (the color starts to turn yellow), add tomato sauce, water, sugar, salt, black pepper and pizza grass. When it is turned on, turn off the fire to make pizza juice.

Pizza juice practice two:

1. Tomato sauce 2 tablespoons, onion 14, butter 10-15 g, a small pizza (or black pepper instead), salt and sugar a little.

2. Stir the above materials evenly. Put it in microwave oven, high fire for 1 minute, to melt butter inside. Then take out and stir, and heat it for 1 minute.

And it started to bake:

1. Take out the dough, roll round, and relax on the pizza plate for 10 minutes. Another way is to put plastic bags in the refrigerator and refrigerate for one hour. The aim is to make the face softer.

2. When the dough is relaxed, push it by hand until the face is pushed to the pizza pan. Make a cake, and the thickness shall not exceed 0.6cm. Take a little notice on the side and push it up. All of the above are pierced with toothpicks or forks. The side also needs to be punched. A coat of oil should be brushed with wool on the pizza pan to prevent sticking the pan.

3. The pizza juice is applied to the pasta, and the edge is not to be wiped. After finishing, spread 10-15g cheese.

4. All the prepared materials are spread on the cake skin except the remaining cheese silk. Prepare the pizza skin materials: cut the mashurila cheese (80g), green pepper, ham, sweet corn, onion, tomato (whatever you like!).

Brush the edge of the cake with egg liquid?

5. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes, 200 ℃, middle and lower layers, 200 ℃, take it out for 15 minutes, spread the remaining cheese silk, put it into the oven, and then turn the cheese silk out for about 5 minutes.


1. The temperature of yeast is suitable for not permeating, too hot or too cold will affect yeast fermentation.

2. Dough may not be very good to knead after adding butter. It will be fine in a while, and it can be added twice for easy kneading. Make sure to knead the dough smooth and then cover the fresh film for fermentation. Time is determined by the season and temperature at that time. Double the dough.