How to make delicious instant noodles and egg cakes

At the weekend, I pulled out a bag of instant noodles, several bags of biscuits, marshmallows and QQ candy from the kitchen. Fortunately, they haven't expired yet. I can't remember who bought them, and I'm reluctant to throw them away. To tell you the truth, I won't take the initiative to buy these unhealthy foods when I go shopping in the supermarket. So far, I don't know what Oreo is like. It's tempting to twist and lick in the advertisement. In fact, in my opinion, those children seem to attract my eyes more than the biscuit itself After all, when we think about the four kinds of effervescent food, it's not a good way to make healthy noodles.

Material Science

1 bag of instant noodles, 2 eggs, corn, peas, ham and 1 tsp salt


1. Soak the noodles with boiling water first, pour the water first for a short time, and then pour boiling water again for soaking. This is to remove some of the excessive water-soluble additives.

2. Break up the eggs, wash the corn and peas, and cut the ham into small pieces.

3. Mix all the materials, stir well and let stand for a while. Pour a small amount of oil into the pot. Because there is too much oil in the instant noodles, we don’t need to add oil artificially. Then pour in the instant noodles, fry one side over low heat, and then fry the other side. If the pot is small, or you like thin cakes, fry them in two times.