How to make delicious love potato cake

Food can affect people's mood and mental state. When you find that you are always in a trance and a loss of mind, it may be due to the lack of vitamin A and vitamin C in the body, or excessive intake of acid food. Potatoes can help you supplement vitamin A and C, or replace the imbalance of pH caused by excessive eating meat on the premise of providing nutrition. When you have negative emotions such as depression, frustration, and restlessness, potatoes can help you solve problems because it contains rich minerals and nutrients that can work on the human body, relieve stress and improve people's mental state. Add potatoes properly every day, and be energetic every day.

Material Science

Potatoes 2, flour 50ml, egg 1, onion, water, ketchup, salt, oil


1. Cut the onion into grains for use.

2. Slice potatoes into thin silk, add eggs, flour, salt and onion, then mix with a small amount of water, and wait for 5 minutes.

3. Do not touch the hot pot, brush the oil in the pan, and turn to a small fire after heating.

4. Apply oil to the inside of the heart mold and put it in the pan.

5. Put the mashed potato liquid into the heart mold and compact, fry it in small heat.

6. After frying the Yellow fixed type, take out the mold, turn the other side to fry, and then use the spatula to compact it. If the potato liquid is stuck on the mold, it can be cut off along the edge with a fruit knife and will automatically fall off.

7. Fry both sides of the yellow. After serving, you can serve with ketchup or pepper and salt according to your taste.