How to make delicious meatloaf

I think we all know how to make delicious meat cakes. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the practice of delicious meat cakes in detail. It only takes three steps to make delicious meat cakes. Isn't it very simple!

Delicious meatloaf

How to make delicious meatloaf

Ingredients: flour, minced meat, ginger, scallion, soy sauce, Douchi

How to make delicious meatloaf

Seasoning: salt, flavor, soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil, scallion oil (fried oil with scallion and ginger)

How to make delicious meat cake

Step 1: add 350 grams of water to 1 jin of flour and prepare the dough. Dilute the soy sauce with water. Deep fry the lobster sauce thoroughly and chop it (lobster sauce is an important seasoning for today’s meat cake).

Step 2: add ginger powder, soy sauce and soy sauce to the meat stuffing, stir well, then add appropriate amount of water to stir in one direction, finally add salt pepper powder, pour sesame oil and scallion oil, mix well with Scallion powder, and put in the fermented soybean powder.

Step 3: roll the dough on the chopping board into a large rectangular piece, then spread the meat on the surface, leave a small side, roll it up from top to bottom to grow into a square, then press the dough from the middle with a rolling pin, divide it into two parts, pinch the end, and finally put it in the cake pan to make it golden on both sides.