How to make delicious pumpkin cake

Material Science

Glutinous rice flour 110g, pumpkin 220g, sugar appropriate


1. Peel pumpkin into small dice and cook in a steamer.

2. After the pumpkin is steamed, take it out, put it into a small stainless steel basin, add sugar while hot, and mash it with a spoon.

3. Then add glutinous rice flour, start with noodles.

4. After the noodles are well kneaded into a round, flattened, put into the electric pancake, add a little oil, fry to both sides of the yellow, can be served.


Personal intimate tips: put pumpkin cake into the electric pancake fry the best, because it is absolutely not paste pot, and do not put oil is not related, eat less oil is good for the body!