How to make Dongjiang fish balls delicious

Material Science

Ingredient: mud carp 500g,

Accessories: 10 grams of broad bean starch, 30 grams of egg white,

Seasoning: 6 g monosodium glutamate, 10 g salt, 50 g peanut oil, 1 g alkali


1. Kill the dace slices, take 500g of the ridge meat, wrap it in a clean cloth and press dry;

2. Use 65 ml of water in a bowl, add 10 g of dry starch to make a paste;

3. Put the fish in the basin, add 30g egg white, mix the tarts until slightly gelatinous, add 6G refined salt, 5g monosodium glutamate, 1g edible alkali and 12g starch, mix the tarts for about 3 minutes;

4. Add the rest of the powder, and continue to mix until gelatinization;

5. Put the fish green into the clear water and gently loosen it with hands to wash off the fishy smell and remove the water;

6. Put it on the chopping board and chop it gently. The force should be even. Don’t chop the sawdust to make it clean;

7. Chop until the surface is glossy, that is, scrape out the upper layer, and then chop, according to this method until the end of cutting;

8. Chop the fish, put it in a basin, add 200 ml of water, mix well, add salt and monosodium glutamate, and stir until gelatinization;

9. Mix well with peanut oil, and then squeeze into fish balls (about 10 grams each);

10. Put the prepared fish balls into clear water, and it is better to float all the fish balls in the water;

11. After squeezing, pour water into the pot and bring to a slight boil over low heat. Take it as soon as it is cooked.