How to make Dora’s birthday cake

Dora birthday cake

Materials: (6 inches, 1 pound) mango mud 100g, mango grain about 20 g, cream cheese 80g, light cream 200g, fine sugar 30g, fish gum 2 pieces, Qifeng cake 2 pieces

How to make Dora's birthday cake

Qifeng cake formula: four eggs, 40 grams of milk, 50g of fine sugar, 70 g of low gluten powder, 30g corn oil and a few drops of lemon juice (white vinegar can be used instead).

How to make Dora's birthday cake

Qifeng cake practice

1. put the egg white and yolk in stainless steel basin respectively;

2. mix egg yolk with 20 g Sugar, mix milk and corn oil evenly, and then sift in low powder and mix until smooth and free of particles for standby;

3. squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the egg white and beat it to the thick bubble, add 30g sugar to dry foaming (small sharp angle that can stand upright);

4. mix the protein and yolk paste by one third of the powder quickly, mix them evenly, then pour all the protein back into the remaining protein, and mix them quickly in the way of mixing;

5. pour the mixed cake paste into the mold;

6. preheat the oven, put the second layer of the last number, 160 degrees, 60 minutes, take out, and fold it to cool, and demould.

The filling method of Mango Cheese Mousse

1. Take 100 grams of pulp from peeled and seeded mango for standby, and then 20 g of diced fruit for standby;

2. After the fish fillet is soft with cold water, the water is controlled, and the heat insulation is turned into liquid state and then reduced to room temperature for standby;

3. Stir cream cheese in warm water until smooth and in salad sauce;

4. Add sugar into the cream and send it to the obvious pattern. Mix the fish film liquid with the whipped cream evenly, add mango mud and cream cheese paste to mix evenly, finally add mango grains and mix well, lay the cake slices, pour in half mousse liquid, then put a piece of cake into the remaining cake liquid, then put it into the refrigerator for cold storage and shaping, and then remove the mold decoration (until until until It’s four to five hours less).

The production of Dora

The flower production is done by the method of cream painting, and the pigment is imported dad edible pigment. Prepare chocolate and cream, color cream into several colors, and then put them in flower mounting bags. The cream can be made here.

Cover the printed pattern with a layer of baking paper. In order to keep the picture from shifting, fix it with stapler first, then melt chocolate, draw out the outline first, fill in different colors in different parts as required, then smooth with a knife, and finally coat it with a layer of white cream, smooth it, put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. After the cream is low, it is easy to cool it It is set. After the cake is ready, tear the baking paper off and put it on top of the cake.