How to make Doraemon sugar cake

Doraemon turn sugar cake

Ingredients: egg 300g, low gluten flour 200g, sugar 150g, vegetable oil 50g, sugar 500g, proper amount of pigment and jam.

How to make Doraemon sugar cake

Doraemon’s practice of turning sugar cake

How to make Doraemon sugar cake

Prepare the ingredients.

How to make Doraemon sugar cake

2 take 70 grams of sugar and add it to the whole egg liquid.

How to make Doraemon sugar cake

3 until the dripping batter does not disappear easily.

Sift the low gluten flour into the batter.

5 turn up and down.

Add vegetable oil and mix well.

7 pour into two hemispherical molds, knock down the atmosphere, soak in the preheated oven, bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes.

8. After baking, take out the cake and let it cool. After demoulding with the help of a scraper, flatten the middle, spread a layer of jam and stick it together.

9. Divide the white sugar into several pieces, add the required pigment respectively, and roll the blue into a wafer twice as big as the ball cake.

Take a piece of white sugar and roll it into pieces. Press out a circle with a round box of suitable size.

11. Spread a layer of jam on the outside of the cake.

Cover the cake with the blue sugar crust, and carefully glue the edges with your hands.

13 with white face, eyes, mouth, nose, etc.

Finally, put a small bell around the neck.

Food tips

Don’t roll the sugar skin too thin to avoid breaking. If the first layer is broken, stick another layer to remedy it. You can also add your favorite fruit in the middle of the cake embryo.