How to make double color purple potato roll

Material Science

100g purple potato, 12 tbsp yeast, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 bowls flour, 3 tbsp boiling water


1. Steam the purple sweet potato, peel and crush it, mix it with the white dough, and knead it into a smooth and elastic dough for basic fermentation

2. Leave half of the dough to ferment.

3. Remove the purple potato dough to the chopping board, and knead it into smooth dough without bubbles. Then divide it into 4cm wide pieces, divide it into several sections, and roll it into long strips. The same with white dough, roll it into strips.

4. Twist the two pieces into a twist, then twist them into a twist, and then make a single knot. Close the ends and press them under the dough. Brush 10% oil on the roll. Don’t use too much oil. It’s glossy when it’s steamed.

5. Put the whole roll in the cold water steamer. (apply a thin layer of cooking oil on the stainless steel steamer drawer in advance to prevent the steamed bread from getting stuck. It’s also easy to do without washing gauze.) continue to ferment for about 20 minutes

6. After the steam cover is removed, the fire can’t be started immediately after 20 minutes.

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