How to make double color spring rolls

Two color spring rolls

Ingredients: taro 500g, pumpkin 500g, flour skin about 30

How to make double color spring rolls

Practice of double color spring roll

How to make double color spring rolls

1. Get all the ingredients ready

How to make double color spring rolls

2. Remove the seeds, peel and wash the pumpkin. Wash the taro and cut it into half

3. Add some water to the steamer and heat it

4. After the steam, set the time for 20 minutes

5. Put the pumpkin and Taro in the steamer

6. Automatically jump to keep warm

7. Peel the taro and mash it with pumpkin

8. Take a piece of flour and put it on the table. Add some taro paste

9. Roll it into a short strip and press the connector down

10. Complete all spring rolls in this way

11. Hot oil in hot pot

12. Put the spring rolls into the frying pan and fry them until golden

Food tips:

1. Raw taro has little poison, so it must be cooked thoroughly when eating; raw taro juice is easy to cause local skin allergy, which can be wiped with ginger juice.

2. For those with phlegm, allergic constitution (urticaria, eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis), children with food stagnation, poor appetite, and diabetes, they should eat less; at the same time, those with food stagnation, stomachache, gastrointestinal damp heat should not eat.

3. Like to eat sweet or other flavors can be added to the right amount of seasoning, can also be replaced by other fillings.