How to make double color steamed bread with pumpkin

Material Science

100 g of steamed pumpkin mud, 200g flour, 220g flour, 2G yeast powder, 120 g milk and 2G yeast powder


1. mix pumpkin dough and white dough respectively, knead it into smooth and elastic dough, and then ferment it on the basis

2. the dough is twice as large as the original dough, and the basic fermentation is completed

3. remove the dough to the board, rub it into a smooth dough without bubbles, and “grow the piece”

4.2 dough are rolled together in rectangular shapes of the same size

5. cut the surface block with a knife every 1cm, cut it off, twist one into twist into twist, and then twist three pieces into a twist, then make a single knot, and close the ends and press it under the dough (I made 8 pieces)

6. put the whole steamed bun in a cold water steamer. (a thin layer of edible oil on the stainless steel steamer can prevent the steamed bread from being touched, and it is also save money. It is unnecessary to wash the gauze). Continue to rest and relax for about 20 minutes

7. fire, turn to medium fire and steam for about 20 minutes after seeing steam

8. after the fire is turned off, stand for 3 minutes, then slowly open the pot cover and take out the steamed bread with the curly flowers