How to make dried fruit cheese cake

Dried cheese cake

Material Science:

How to make dried fruit cheese cake

A. 70 g raisins, cranberries, blueberries, 30 g walnuts, 80ml brandy

How to make dried fruit cheese cake

B. 125g cream cheese, 50g butter, 50g fine sugar

How to make dried fruit cheese cake

C. Egg 75g, milk 30ml

How to make dried fruit cheese cake

D. Low gluten flour 120 g, baking powder 2 g, salt 1g,

How to make dried fruit cheese cake

The practice of dried cheese cake

1. Dry the fruit except walnut, and soak it overnight with brandy.

2. cut small pieces of cream cheese, add fine sugar and soften with egg beater after soft temperature in the room (stir it off hot water). After the butter is soft, add it to the cheese and stir until mixed with the cheese evenly without particles.

3. add eggs in two times in the feeding, stir well and add milk. Preheat oven 170 degrees.

4. Mix the mixture and sift, add it to the cheese, stir evenly to form batter.

5. apply oil and powder to prevent sticking of the mold.

6. add dried dried water and walnut into the batter, mix well, pour into the mold, put it in the middle of the oven, fire up and down, bake for 35 minutes until the surface is golden.

hot tip

1. raw materials such as butter and cheese are usually stored in refrigerators. They are taken out of the refrigerator at least half an hour before use, and then softened under room temperature environment. Cutting them into small pieces can make butter or cheese soften faster.

2. when whipping cream cheese, the hot water will make the cheese soft and smooth and easy to stir. Hot water is 60-80 degrees.

3. the cake is slightly dry just after baking. It will become wet after it is cooled and put in the sealing box.