How to make dry baked leek cake

Main ingredients: dough [ordinary flour, water (2:1 ratio as the basis, appropriate amount of water, and into a soft dough)]

Stuffing: leek, eggs (refer to the size of the dough for specific weight), proper amount of edible oil, salt, a little sugar, a little chicken essence (can not be added), proper amount of sesame oil

How to make dry baked leek cake

[dry baked leek cake] production process:

How to make dry baked leek cake

1. Break up the eggs and fry them with proper amount of cooking oil. When frying, try to smash the eggs as much as possible. If they are not broken enough, you can chop a few knives after frying and cool them for standby;

How to make dry baked leek cake

2. Wash and drain the leeks. Cut into small pieces;

3. Add chopped egg into leek, mix well and add proper amount of sesame oil, mix well;

4. Add appropriate amount of salt, a little sugar and chicken essence, mix well before use (don’t mix in advance to prevent leeks from getting out of water);

5. Mix the dough in advance, cover with wet cloth and let stand for more than 30 minutes;

6. The dough under the agent, dosage size according to the size of their own pot to determine

8. Take a flour agent and roll it into pancakes;

9. Spread the mixed stuffing in half of the pancake;

10. Lift the other half to cover the filling and press the edge tightly;

11. With a small bowl, turn around the edge of the cake and cut out a smooth half moon;

12. Take off the extra dough and roll it into the next dough (what about the last one? No trimming!)

13. Heat a pan over medium heat. Without oil, put in the cake germ. One side of the pan is scorched, then turn it over until there are scorched spots on both sides;

14. Finally, stand up the cake embryo and bake the thick edge of the cake embryo to the scorch spot!