How to make Duanyang bean cake delicious

This bean cake is sweet and delicious, which can relieve heat.

Material Science

Main ingredients: 600 grams of mung beans, accessories: 60 grams of plum, 60 grams of walnut, 60 grams of sweet scented osmanthus sauce, seasoning: 250 grams of sugar


1. Wash the mung beans, put them into the pot, boil them over high heat, take them out, dry them in the air and grind them into fine powder.

2. Cut green plum and walnut kernel into mung bean sized pieces.

3. Put mung bean powder, green plum kernel, walnut kernel, sugar and sweet scented osmanthus paste into the basin, rub well, drench some cold boiled water to make mung bean powder moist, put mung bean powder into small round mold, spread well, compact, buckle out, and eat.


Food restriction:

Walnut: walnut can not be eaten with wild chicken meat, pneumonia, bronchiectasis and other patients are not easy to eat.

Walnuts should not be eaten with wine. According to Song Ma Zhi’s Kaibao Materia Medica, drinking and eating walnuts makes people hemoptysis. Probably because walnut is hot, eating more raw and hot, and Baijiu is also a big heat of Gan Xin. The two foods are easy to cause blood heat. Especially people with hemoptysis should be taboo. If bronchiectasis, tuberculosis patients, drinking Baijiu can cause hemoptysis, not with walnuts, can also cause disease.