How to make egg cake with scallion oil

Flour and eggs
[ingredients] boiled water and cold water with oil salt and scallion

How to make egg cake with scallion oil

Production process

How to make egg cake with scallion oil

First of all, flour, boiled water and cold water should be well prepared;

2. Pour the boiling water into the flour in circles to avoid the concentration of boiling water. Use chopsticks to keep stirring to make the dough loose, and then pour in cold water;

3. Mix all the ingredients evenly by hand or rubber scraper, and the dough is wet and sticky;

4. Take out the dough and place it on the operating platform, sprinkle a little flour and gently continue to knead it into smooth dough;

5. Cover the dough with plastic film and let it relax at room temperature for about 30 minutes to start shaping. (the dough after relaxation has smooth skin and ductility)

Note: if the dough is especially wet and sticky, there is no need to knead it. Mix the dry and wet materials into a dough and let it rest and relax;

6. When the dough is loose, wash the scallions and chop them for later use;

7. Divide the dough into 4 equal parts after relaxation;

8. Take one dough in turn and flatten it. Use a rolling pin to make a long thin dough. Then brush oil evenly and sprinkle salt and scallion in turn,

9, and then it is rolled from top to bottom to grow into a strip shape, and then slowly elongated to form a spiral shape;

10. Place the dough in a greased flat plate and relax for another 30 minutes;

11. Flatten and spread the dough slowly by hand, and then roll it slightly thin with a rolling pin;

12. Pour proper amount of oil into the pan, put the cake in the pan and fry it over medium low heat until golden yellow. A hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ Blank > if not, then hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comdanjidan target_ Put the eggs in the pan and fry the cake on the eggs for a while;