How to make egg cream cake

Egg cream cake

Material: 60 g of butter sugar powder 30g egg yolk 60 g (about 4) protein 60 g fine sugar 30g low powder 60g

How to make egg cream cake

The practice of egg cream cake

How to make egg cream cake

1. Soften butter and add sugar powder to a slight white color; (Fig. 1)

2. Add yolk and stir evenly; (Fig. 2)

3. Protein is added sugar in steps to long bending angle; (Fig. 3)

4. Add one third of protein to egg yolk paste and mix evenly; (Fig. 4)

5. Add one third of the sifted low powder; (Fig. 5)

6. The remaining protein and low powder are added in staggered way, and the mixture is even; (Fig. 6)

7. Pour into the mold of Anemone, preheat the oven 160 degrees, and release the mold smoothly after 15 minutes. (Figure 7)