How to make emerald crayfish delicious

Emerald crayfish

Main ingredients: 12 fresh shrimps

How to make emerald crayfish delicious

Ingredients: pea, carrot, cucumber, Lily and ginkgo

How to make emerald crayfish delicious

Seasoning: salt, white pepper, cooking wine, bottled abalone juice, sweet potato starch, water (the ratio of water to powder is 5:1)

How to make emerald crayfish delicious

How to make emerald crayfish

1. Basic ingredients group photo. Peel off the shell of fresh ginkgo and soak it with warm water, then you can easily tear off the brown inner membrane. Clean the fresh lily.

2. Wash the shrimp and freeze in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

3. Break off the head of the shrimp, tear the skin from the second section of the shrimp back, and then squeeze it gently from the tail, and the whole shrimp meat comes out. Slice from the back and remove the sausages.

4. Put toothpick and gingko together.

5. Put on all the prawns and fresh ginkgo.

6. Take a pot of clean water, boil the water, pour in the side dishes and scald them. Drop 2 drops of clear oil (which can make the vegetables bright and not change color). After water, remove them. Do not immerse them in ice water for a long time. (ensure the vegetable skin is not wrinkled and tastes crisp and tender)

7. Blanch the dressed shrimps.

8. Add a small bowl of water into the pot, and then pour in abalone juice. Stir well. Heat slowly over low heat. After the juice is boiled, pour in the water starch with a water to flour ratio of 5:1. Stir in a second rate sauce, also known as glass sauce.

9. Put the cucumber slices under the shrimp, gently remove the toothpick and decorate the plate. Finally, pour the sauce evenly on the shrimp and serve.

As soon as the colorful appearance is put on the table, it is mouth watering

Fresh lily and ginkgo have the effect of moistening lung, relieving cough, clearing heart and calming mind. The taste is sweet and crisp. The shrimp is delicious and tender, supplemented by green peas. What you taste is not only delicious food, but also the mentality of enjoying a happy life.

Simple way, but it is rich in nutrition, rare fresh and delicious, easily captured the appetite of the public.

I use the abalone juice of Phoenix ball mark, and there are thin shredded ham or shredded Yao Zhu in it. It tastes delicious, mellow, slightly sweet, and salty, so I don’t need to add any condiments. I just pour it on the vegetables after thickening to make it tasty.

You can eat your own sausage!