How to make fig maple candy cake

Fig Maple cake

Materials: 110g low gluten flour, 12 scoops of double effect foam powder, 110g dried figs, 1 egg yolk, 2 whole eggs, 120 g salt free butter, 20 g almond powder, 50g maple sugar, 200ml framed cream, and proper amount of colored sugar.

How to make fig maple candy cake

4 finished products (medium cake paper cup)

How to make fig maple candy cake

The practice of fig Maple cake

How to make fig maple candy cake

1: The salt free butter softens at room temperature, sifts in low powder and foaming powder.

How to make fig maple candy cake

2: Stir butter and low powder evenly with a silica gel spatula.

How to make fig maple candy cake

3: Break eggs and yolks into a bowl and cut dried figs into strips.

4: After the eggs are scattered, add them to the pot in several times, and stir them quickly with the electric beater.

5: Add almond powder and stir evenly.

6: Add maple sugar and mix well with electric egg beater.

7: Add figs and mix well with a silica gel spatula.

8: Scoop the batter into the paper cup with a spoon or put it in a flower mounting bag and squeeze it into the cup until it is full by eight.

9: Preheat the oven 180 degrees, and bake it at the bottom of the oven for about 20 minutes until the surface is golden yellow.

10: Melt the cream into a clean deep basin, and use an electric beater to cool the ice water to the peak and stand.

11: Insert the large flower mounting nozzle into the flower mounting bag, push it to the front to expose one third of the opening of the bag, add the whipped cream, squeeze the cream on the cake surface and squeeze it into a small tower.

12: Sprinkle a layer of colored sugar beads and sugar chips.

Food tips

1: The egg is added in several times to help stir well quickly, and can also prevent the separation of egg oil.

2: Paste in cup can not be too full, otherwise baking process easy to overflow, to leave a few points. The cake will shrink back a little after cooling, which is normal.

3: In summer, cream must be sent in air conditioning room and stirred by ice water. The cake should be refrigerated, otherwise, the cream will melt easily if it is more than 30 degrees.

4: Without maple sugar, honey or other syrup should be used instead. No dried figs can be replaced by other dried fruit. Of course, instead of cake with this name!