How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

Five color bagel cake

Main materials needed: sticky rice flour, glutinous rice powder. Traditional is to use the Jiangnan japonica rice, round glutinous rice ground into flour, I use ready-made.

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

Ingredients: purple potato mud, pumpkin mud, black sesame powder, spinach juice, water, cotton sugar, honey red bean or lard bean paste, honey red bean I use. A little oil is used to wipe the mold.

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

The ingredients on the pastry were not photographed at a glance: walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, honey dates, red dates, raisins and wolfberry

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

Tools: eight inch live bottom mold, with the best steamer, my steamer smaller, more layers I fear that the last not enough.

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

Most pastries in childhood had red silk and green silk. That was something many people hated to eat. I asked many friends that almost everyone would pick them out and eat them. Why put them on. The picture is red and green. It is lively and beautiful. Now it is hard to find red and green silk. If it is not delicious, I will replace it with wolfberry and green raisins.

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin


How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

I cooked the red bean first the night before. I made it very simple. I didn’t have to stare at it or turn off the fire and fire repeatedly. It was that the red beans in the electronic stew cup or stewed pot were kept intact, and the outer skin was not broken and the inside was very soft. Pour out the bean water the next day and drink it. The soup has been added with sugar, but it is not enough to be sweet enough for honey. So it can be used by adding cotton sugar or honey.

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

The practice of five color bagel cake

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

1: Purple potato is cooked, pumpkin is steamed, and then ground into mud. Because purple potato is very dry, add water to mix with boiled purple potato a little bit, adjust to the same consistency as pumpkin. I have no amount of water. You can adjust it. Then add purple potato mud and purple potato water directly. You can also remove the rough fiber from the purple potato by the way.

How to make five color hundred fruit Muffin

2: The mashed purple potato is about the same consistency as pumpkin mud, so that the weight can be calculated.

3: All the materials of cake body: 300 g sticky rice flour, 200g glutinous rice powder, 50g pumpkin mud, 50g purple potato mud, 20 g black sesame powder, 40ml-50ml spinach juice, 80ml-90ml water, 100g cotton sugar, proper amount of honey bean

4: Sticky rice flour, glutinous rice powder, cotton sugar together mixed evenly, the best under screening.

Bottom pumpkin layer:

1: Add 100g of flour from 500g, add 50g pumpkin mud,

2: Rub with two hands. This is called cake powder. Basically, all the powder is evenly rubbed to no large group or dry powder. I take photos with the other hand. The rubbing step is also important. This is also very important. This will save time to pass the screen at the back.

3: All rubbed up the appearance, the color changed without white dry powder.

4: The mold is coated with oil in advance, and then the powder is sifted. It is better to pad a large baking plate or something under the mold. Because it is easy to get out when the screen is on the edge of the screen. I have pad the larger batch tray without any large amount

5: While sifting, the powder that is formed again is crushed by hand until the screen is finished, only a little pumpkin fiber is left.

6: Use a scraper or a flat shovel to scrape the sifted powder surface flat, but do not press. There is still some powder on the bottom of the sieve.

The second layer of black sesame is the last layer:

1: Take 100g of mixed powder, add 20 g black sesame powder, add 40ml-50ml of water, and rub well.

2: A pinch of hands can form a group, a fall into the basin can be completely scattered.

3: After screen, wipe flat

4: Spread a layer of honey red beans

The third layer is white

1. Mix 100 g of powder and mix with 40ml of water, mix well and sift well, then spread a layer of honey bean;

2. Then, purple potato layer, and finally spinach juice layer; the process is the same as not to be one by one beat.

3. After the last layer is laid and leveled, sprinkle all kinds of prepared dried fruits and preserves. Then put the steamer into a fire and steam for more than an hour. It is necessary to say that the water below should be fully discharged, and it is not enough to add it in the middle of the way… It must be said that, in order to catch the dark, I steamed for 50 minutes to close the fire release shot, not enough steam, the next day after steam very delicious, the muffins must be steamed through.

I did well the day before my parents came. They steamed them the next morning and they all stared at them when they brought them out. My parents were all surprised. They said: this cake is made of many layers. This is good! , not too sweet to eat, Niang especially like, sugar can dad and cowboy feel like to dessert, so the amount of sugar according to their own likes to adjust.