How to make fragrant chocolate Qifeng delicious

Fragrant chocolate


How to make fragrant chocolate Qifeng delicious

A 5 yolks, 20g sugar, 70g warm water, 60g corn oil, 85g dark chocolate

How to make fragrant chocolate Qifeng delicious

B low powder 80g, cocoa powder 15g

How to make fragrant chocolate Qifeng delicious

C protein 5, sugar 80 G

Baking: 165 degrees, middle and lower layers, heating up and down, 50 minutes

Xiangnong chocolate

1. Stir the egg yolk sugar evenly, then add warm water and corn oil in turn until there is no oil star, and emulsify completely;

2. Melt the dark chocolate in water;

3-4. Sift the low cocoa powder twice in advance, sift it into the egg yolk paste, and stir evenly without particles;

5. Pour the melted dark chocolate into the egg yolk paste and stir well;

6. Add sugar to the protein three times to make it hard. The sharp corners are as shown in the figure;

7. Cut and mix the egg yolk paste and 13 protein evenly (the egg yolk paste is very thick, after adding 13 protein to mix, it will be easier to operate next);

8. Then take 13 protein and egg yolk paste to cut and mix evenly, pour the egg yolk paste into the remaining protein and mix evenly;

9. In the state of molding, the finished cake paste should not have good fluidity, otherwise it is caused by defoaming in the production process;

10. Smooth the surface of the cake paste with a scraper, shake it on the table to eliminate the excess bubbles, and bake it in a preheated oven;

11. The given time and temperature are only for reference, everyone’s oven temperature has deviation, and the final mature standard is that the toothpick inserted into the cake will not bring out wet paste, and the mature cake will be turned upside down to cool immediately after it is taken out;

12. After cooling completely, the mould can be demoulded directly with the aid of a knife or with bare hands;

Qi Feng is a basic course of baking

1. Protein whipping: add the protein in three times and beat with sugar until dry. First of all, the protein must be packed in an oil-free and water-free basin, and sent by an egg beater at high speed. When making large bubbles, add 13 sugar. When making small bubbles, add 13 sugar. When the bubbles are fine, add the remaining fine granulated sugar. It is necessary to lift the egg beater and pull up the protein cream in a vertical sharp angle.

2. Egg yolk emulsification: the production of egg yolk paste usually does not cause fatal injury, but it will affect the quality of the finished product. Egg yolk and sugar do not need to be sent, but the sugar must be melted. Next, when adding water and oil in turn, it must be stirred until there is no oil star, that is, full water oil mixture, emulsification is complete. Here, the oil must use tasteless corn oil or oil Salad oil, soybean oil, peanut oil must not be used, will seriously affect the taste of the cake.

3. Churning technique: if the first two parts are done correctly, a lot of failures will come from this technique. Originally, LG was going to shoot a video, but LG was not at home. To put it bluntly, you can’t use a scraper to draw a circle. Instead, hold the basin with your left hand and rotate it continuously. With your right hand, close to the basin bottom and basin wall, turn up the batter at the bottom and around, and then cut the yolk paste and protein cream horizontally or vertically. Repeat this, turn up, cut and turn up again until they are completely fused. If the shape of the cake paste is stable and does not have fluidity, it is successful; if a large number of bubbles rise from the bottom and the paste automatically flows to the flat surface (that is, very thin appearance), it is defoaming, and the cake can almost declare failure.

4. Baking: usually, the time and temperature given by each person will be different. That’s because everyone’s oven temperature has deviation. So you must record the temperature of your own oven and adjust it slightly. Mature Qi Feng will insert the toothpick into the interior and take out the toothpick, which will be very dry. If you tap the surface of the cake, you will feel the elasticity and support from the interior of the cake. The mature cake will shrink slightly, but the immature cake will shrink seriously, and there are similar unripe tissues inside. Therefore, the last step of successful Qifeng is to grasp the temperature and time.