How to make fresh meat zongzi delicious

Material Science

Fresh meat, raw extract, wine, white pepper, oil consumption, 2 kg glutinous rice, salt, old pump, plain oil


1. Preparation. The night before, the fresh meat was cleaned and marinated with fresh extract and wine with a little white pepper, and kept in the refrigerator. I don’t like it. It’s too oily and greasy! I always use plum head meat, which is scapula, which is suitable for fat and thin.

2. the longest time for the meat to be marinated is three days. That is to say, the limit is to prepare three days in advance and taste. The pickled rice dumplings on that day are very bad in taste and taste.

3. then, the night before, wash 2 kg of glutinous rice and soak it with water. The dumplings made after the glutinous rice bubble overnight will not be too firm, which is also my taste. If you really want a strong zongzi, shorten the soaking time, do not be shorter than 6 hours.

4. on the day to be made, control the glutinous rice to dry the water – usually for 1 hour with hollow containers. The seasoning formula for 2kg glutinous rice is [123] [1 tbsp of tablespoon salt, 2 tbsp of old extract, 3 tbsp of vegetable oil]. Old smoking is used here. You can’t use raw pumping. Because the old tea is more colored and less salty and sweet, this component is in good coordination with salt.

5. only by filling oil can glutinous rice not be touched on brown leaves, it also makes up for the lack of fat oil in scapula. Mix glutinous rice and seasoning well. The delicious zongzi is basically waving to you

6. if you buy dry brown leaves, it is the best way to keep the brown leaves fragrant after soaking in cold water overnight. When there is no large container, the water in the pan will be boiled when there is no time. The dry brown leaves can be washed in 1 minute to 2 minutes.

7. then, eight immortals across the sea make dumplings and Luoluo.

8. cooking time. Keep the medium heat in the high pressure boiler for 30 to 40 minutes after steam. After closing the fire, simmer until cool. After boiling water in a common pot, turn to a small fire and keep the water rolling for 2.5 to 3 hours.


**Never cook in a slow pot!!! I tried, after a night of fragrance in the house, the soup is thick and sticky. The glutinous rice in zongzi is sticky and tasteless. The meat is more wood than dry wood!!!