How to make fried beef cake

The meat cake is red in sauce, the egg is yellow and white, and the color is elegant and gorgeous, the texture is soft and tender, and the taste is delicious.

Material Science

Main ingredients: 200g beef (lean and fat), 300g eggs,

Accessories: 100g bread,

Seasoning: 120 g vegetable oil, 30g soy sauce, 2G MSG, 30g starch (PEA), 1g salt, 5g ginger


1. chop (or grind) beef to end, bubble bread with water, and then make water and then make it for standby. Peel ginger into very fine ends, starch with water bubble.

2. put the beef into a bowl, add bread, ginger, starch 10 g, refined salt 0.5g, soy sauce 10 g, stir evenly, and make 4 cakes with a diameter of 1 inch and 5 minutes.

3. put the spoon on the high fire, pour in vegetable oil, and when the oil is burned to 60% hot, put the beef cake in, fry it for six years, and then take the other spoon to add soup, soy sauce and msg to the fire, and then move it to a low heat for stewing. Then shovel the beef cake into the pan with a shovel. The original juice was thickened with starch (20 starch and 20 g water), and then poured on 4 meat cakes respectively.

4. put the spoon on the high fire, add a little oil, and knock the eggs. Put them in the spoon one by one. Sprinkle a little salt on each egg, fry them into lotus eggs and put them on beef cakes.