How to make fried diced potatoes in soy sauce

Potatoes don't have much taste, but after cooking, they become delicious. Whether in ordinary people's homes or in high-end restaurants, they can be gorgeous and attractive~

At home, some potatoes are often served, either in a slip or stew, or in a simple sauce like today~

Material Science

Three medium potatoes,

Diced lean meat 50g,

Half a root of scallion,

2 cloves of garlic,

1 small piece of ginger,

A little prickly ash,

Two tablespoons of soy sauce,

A teaspoon of peanut oil,

A little starch water,

The surface is decorated with green pepper Ding


1. Peel and dice potatoes, soak in salt water and drain; dice lean meat; chop onion, ginger and garlic

2 pot into the right amount of oil, add diced potatoes in the low heat fry until golden, Sheng out.

3 pot oil, add onion, ginger and garlic saute

Add the diced lean meat and stir fry until white.

Add 2 tbsp of sauce and stir well.

Pour in diced potatoes, stir well, thicken and serve.

7 plate, sprinkle green pepper Ding decoration.


When you cook, cut the oxidized potatoes into water, and then take them out.

2 sauce contains salt, so there is no additional salt, you can increase or decrease according to your own taste~

No matter with rice or noodles, it’s very versatile~

In addition, germinated, green potatoes contain a toxic substance, solanine can not eat. Potatoes should be kept away from light, cool and dry. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the preservation of potatoes, otherwise it will cause food poisoning.

Here are some ways to preserve potatoes:

(1) Use the fresh-keeping bag to pack the potatoes, exhaust the air in the bag as far as possible, and tie the knot, then cover another fresh-keeping bag, and then tie the knot, so that the outside air can not enter or enter a little. And then placed in the refrigerator preservation room. Such vegetables can be kept for at least three to four days.

(2) Vegetables can be wrapped in newspaper, then put into plastic bags, and then put into the refrigerator, potatoes had better be placed in a ventilated and dark place, which can prevent potatoes from turning green

(3) Put the fresh potatoes into a clean carton, put a few green apples, general carton into 4-5 can.