How to make fried glutinous rice dumplings delicious

Material Science

Zongzi, salad oil


1. Peel and slice the steamed rice dumplings in the refrigerator~

2. It’s better to use a non stick pan ~ heat the pan ~ add salad oil. I put less oil ~ when the oil temperature is 30-50%, we move the pan to open fire and put the rice dumplings

3. Then put it on the tempering, don’t turn it over in a hurry, fry it in a small fire ~ (pay attention to safety ~ it’s very painful to be touched by hot oil ~) for safety, you can cover it~

4. When the bottom starts to turn yellow, turn it upside down. It’s better to add more oil, because zongzi is glutinous rice and easy to stick in the pot. Finally, open the fire and get out of the pot~