How to make fried mango dumplings

On the 15th of the first full moon of the new year, on this happy day, the happiest thing is to gather the family together, reward the swaying flower lights and eat the round dumplings. Traditional soup round eating method is not only cooking, as this year to change a pattern to eat dumplings, taste more rich, but the taste of happiness is still.

Material Science

Mango 1, soup round powder (or glutinous rice powder) 80g, egg 1 piece, bread bran 3 tbsp 45g, soft sugar 1 tbsp 15g, Oil 200ml (actual consumption 30ml)


1. Add 45ml warm boiled water in the soup powder, mix and stir with your hands continuously, and form a soft and hard dough. Cover with the fresh film for 15 minutes.

2. Mango peel and core, flesh cut into 1cm square. The eggs scattered in the bowl.

3. Rub the dough into strips and cut into small sections of uniform size.

4. After the small section is rubbed into a ball shape, the dough is kneaded into a round patch by hand.

5. Take a cut mango and put it in the middle of the dough, close the edge of the patch upward until the mango is completely wrapped, and then rub into a ball shaped soup.

6. Dip the wrapped dumpling with egg liquid, and roll it in the bread bran to make the surface evenly wrapped with bran.

7. Heat the oil in the frying pan to 50% heat, put the dumpling wrapped in the egg liquid and bread bran, fry until the soup circle floats, and then remove it when the surface becomes golden yellow.

8. Put it on the kitchen paper towel and drain the excess oil. Sprinkle soft white sugar when eating.


1. The dumplings made from banana, mango and durian are suitable for fried food. When frying the soup round, it should be turned over from time to time to avoid uneven explosion. The dumpling will burst slightly during the frying process. Be careful not to be injured.

2. The filling with dumplings can be used at will. If you feel that it is difficult to pack dumplings, you can also choose quick frozen dumplings. No defrosting is required for quick frozen soup circles to choose the cooking method above. Only when the fire is small, the oil temperature should be lower, the time of the explosion should be extended appropriately.

3. Diabetic patients, people with weak gastrointestinal digestive function, high fever patients and infants are not suitable for eating tangyuan. They should eat less or not.