How to make fried meatballs

Crisp outside and tender inside, sweet and sour, with good wine and dishes

Material Science

Ingredient: 150g lean and fat pork,

Accessories: 100g cucumber, 10g agaric (dried), 10g bamboo shoots,

Seasoning: 5g salt, 4G soy sauce, 6G sugar, 70g egg, 40g pea starch, 4G vinegar, 5g scallion, 2G ginger, 50g white garlic, 20g sesame oil, 50g salad oil, 1g octopus


1. Put the meat stuffing in a bowl, beat the eggs, add water, starch and salt, stir well, and divide into five parts to make a round ball;

2. Sit on the oil spoon, warm the balls, fry them into golden yellow, and take them out;

3. Squeeze the ball with dry cloth and put it into the spoon. When you see the fire, fry it again and control it in the fence;

4. The original spoon, fried onion, ginger, garlic, fungus, bamboo shoots, cucumber together under the spoon, cooking vinegar, soy sauce, add a little soup;

5. Open the sugar, thicken it, drizzle with pepper oil, spoon the meatballs, shake them, put them on a flat plate.


Food restriction:

Auricularia auricula (dry): Auricularia auricula is not suitable for eating with snails. From the perspective of food properties, cold snails and slippery Auricularia auricula are not conducive to digestion, so they are not suitable for eating with snails.

It is not suitable for pheasant to have hemorrhoids and pheasant to have hemorrhoids.

Auricularia auricula is not suitable to eat with wild duck, wild duck is sweet and cool, and easy to indigestion.