How to make fried pork Patty

Material Science

Ingredients: 200g pork stuffing, 5g chopped green onion, 5g chopped celery, 1 egg, 50g flour, 50g bagasse

Seasoning: 2G salt, 0.4g pepper, 20g olive oil, 1g Oregon


1. Mix the pork stuffing with salt, pepper, chopped green onion, celery and Oregon to make a cake.

2. Then, dip in flour, egg liquid, bread crumbs and set aside. Pour olive oil into the frying pan, then add the meat cake and fry it to make golden yellow cooked. Add cooked carrots, fried potatoes, pickled laver and other side dishes.


When preparing the patty filling, it’s better to add some bread soaked with milk to make the patty highlight the milk flavor.