How to make fried potato cakes delicious

Material Science

Potatoes, minced meat, carrots, fresh coriander leaves, eggs, nutmeg, white pepper, salt, butter, oil


1. Wash potatoes and carrots, cook thoroughly by boiling or steaming (medium heat takes about 15 minutes). Peel while hot, cut slightly, and roll in a deep basin with a strong spoon to form a mash of potatoes and carrots.

2. Smash cardamom, peel off the shell, and grind it into cardamom powder with a grinder or food mortar.

3. The meat filling is processed twice, the finer the minced the better.

4. Grind butter over the back of the knife and soften. Cut the leaves of the coriander slightly.

5. Take a small soup basin, mix the mashed potatoes, carrots, minced meat, butter, coriander leaves, cardamom, white pepper and salt together, mix well (also hand).

6. Break the eggs apart for standby.

7. Heat the pan in a large fire, divide the filling into small portions with spoons and shape them in regular shape during the waiting process.

8. Before cooking, wrap a layer of egg liquid on the surface of potato cake, and then put it into the oil pan one by one. Turn over the surface until it is slightly bleached and the surface is golden yellow, then drain the oil.