How to make fried rotten skin roll delicious

The color is golden yellow, the outside is crisp, the inside is soft and tender, and the flavor is delicious.

Material Science

Main ingredients: 100g oil skin, 100g dried tofu, 100g winter shoots, 100g green bean sprouts, 50g fresh mushrooms,

Seasoning: 60g peanut oil, 15g fragrant oil, 15g soy sauce, 3 g salt, 5g of wine, 1g MSG, 5g pea starch and 2G ginger


1. wash the dried tofu, bamboo shoots and mushrooms, cut into thin silk; clean the green bean sprouts and pinch off the head and tail. Put 25 g peanut oil on the pot frame. When it is burned to 67% heat, stir up the ginger and stir fry the fragrance. Then, stir fry the cut silk and bean sprouts for several times. Stir fry the salt, sugar and cooking wine until cooked, and then put it into the pan.

2. sprinkle some warm water on the tofu skin, cover with wet cloth, make it soft, cut off the hard edge, lay it on the board and pave it. Place the fried silk on top, form a long strip, then roll up the rotten skin and make a thick strip. Apply 10 g of wet starch (5g of starch and 5g of water) to stick it firmly, and then press the thick strip into a flat circle.

3. put 35 g peanut oil on the pot frame and heat it to 45% heat. Put in the rotten skin roll. Fry it into two sides of golden yellow with medium and small heat. Leave the pot. Cool slightly, cut into 5cm long sections, and put it in the pan, dip in the sauce and flavor sauce.