How to make glutinous rice balls delicious

Main material: glutinous rice coarse powder

Auxiliary materials: jujube and wolfberry

Seasoning: sugar content

The method of glutinous rice dough:

1. Glutinous rice flour is right. I don’t use it. I feel better when I eat it

2. The amount of sugar in Chinese jujube and wolfberry

3. Warm water is required to make glutinous rice flour and make it into dough. Suggestions and soft spots are needed to eat better

4. Rub it into small circles by hand

Rub a large one small round, put the big one down and put it on top,

Then the eyes are made of wolfberry and hat made of dates

7. I started steaming in cages. I steamed for 30 minutes

8. What it looks like after steaming

9 look at the snow people face the sky, the new year, help them around the neck, tea Bib ha ha!