How to make glutinous rice dumplings

The gorgeous transformation of leftovers! Often, we always worry about the bowl of rice left in each meal. If we discard it, it will be a waste. If we keep it for the next meal, it will not taste good. Why don't you change them a little bit? Look, is it simple, affordable, environmentally friendly, nutritious and delicious?

Material Science

Left 1 bowl of rice, sugar, red bean soup amount


1. Put the remaining rice into the fresh-keeping bag, add sugar according to personal taste, seal it well, knead it on the chopping board like dough until the rice grains are invisible.

2. Put a little salad oil on your hands and knead the rice into small dumplings.

3. Put dumplings bowl also spread some salad oil, prevent rice dumplings adhesion.

4. Cook the rice dumplings for 3 minutes and add them into the red bean paste.


1. Black sesame dumplings: kneaded rice can also be wrapped in black sesame stuffing, and some glutinous rice flour is rolled outside, which is a decent black sesame dumpling~

2. Colorful dumplings: when kneading rice, add some vegetable juice, you can make colorful dumplings, which not only increases nutrition, but also is particularly lovely~

How to make glutinous rice dumplings

Material Science

Sago, glutinous rice flour, egg, medlar a hrefhttp:www.jiachangcai123.comji target_ Blank > Ya GA! 1. It can be used for monitoring


1、 Bring the water to a boil and simmer the sago;

2、 While cooking the sago, you can knead the dumplings. Stir with warm water and glutinous rice flour. As long as you can knead the consistency into a ball, knead it into a small ball by hand, which is larger than glass marble;

3、 When simmer until translucent, put in the dumplings, roll down a little, add a little cold water, and then roll,

4、 Roll until the dumplings float, add sugar and medlar, boil until boiling, turn off the heat, immediately beat in the eggs, spoon some dumplings and sago on the egg surface, let it rest for a while, and then pour the eggs and sugar water into the bowl.