How to make glutinous rice potato cake

My family bought a bag of glutinous rice flour for a long time. In order not to let it expire, I took some fresh potatoes and DIY them

Material Science

Potato, glutinous rice flour, white sesame, oil


1. Peel and steam potatoes, and press them into mud with a spoon

2. Mix in glutinous rice flour (I add it at will) and mix it well

3. Pinch into a small ball and press it into a cake in your hand. Stick white sesame seeds on it and put it into a pan with a little oil. Slowly fry it over low heat until it’s golden on both sides!


My God, I’m so tired that I won’t do it next time. I’m so tired and my hands are so sore. I really don’t know how those people who often make dough drops are so bad. I don’t know how to do it. It’s still delicious and a little sticky to my teeth